lightstock_458_medium_joe_One of the greatest joys of being a celebrant is the privilege of being involved in some of the happiest days of people’s lives.  I have led many weddings over the last 25 years and each time, together with the couple, I help craft a unique wedding service tailored to their individual tastes.

You may want a classic Christian ceremony, you may choose to add in a rose ceremony or a sand ceremony or a hand tying ceremony.  These powerful symbolic acts can add real meaning and depth to this joyful occasion and help create something special and memorable for everyone.

Get Married Anywhere!

Did you know we can perform the marriage ceremony anywhere?

Yes anywhere! The beach, your back garden, the pub, even in your kitchen sink if you really wanted to. (I don’t recommend it but it is possible!)

People get confused about this.  If you choose to go with an ‘unlicensed premises’ then you will need to do the legal stuff at the Registry Office (normally under £50).  If you have the ceremony in a licensed premises and the Registrar has to come out to you, that will often incur an additional cost in excess of £500!  I often encourage couples who want to hold their ceremonies somewhere special, to keep costs down by doing the legal bit either earlier in the day or even the day before with just a couple of witnesses at the Registry Office.  Email me if you want more information.

IMPORTANT: Unfortunately I am unable to take weddings for Saturdays until further notice.  I am still available for mid-week bookings.  Many thanks.