I do a weekly podcast with my dear friend and author – Nick Page called “Mid-Faith Crisis”.  We take a rather irreverent look at life and faith and ask the questions some people can be afraid to ask.
I am convinced a healthy faith should ask questions – constantly!
Why is God always portrayed as a man – even though God clearly isn’t!  Should we even use the word God any more?! Is the Divine Reality out there (in a galaxy far, far away) or deep inside us?  Is God a being or the ‘ground of being’?  In what ways (if any) can we know God?  Is religion a friend or a foe in ‘spiritual matters’? Does this so-called ‘God of Love’ really have the power to cure people of cancer and just choose not to? and many more….
We don’t take ourselves too seriously but we do tackle some serious subjects.  You can listen at www.midfaithcrisis.org or subscribe to Mid-Faith Crisis on itunes.